Last Christmas post for UK orders - Monday 18th December
Last Christmas post for UK orders - Monday 18th December
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It is finally here!! My Ripple collection has been over 12 months in the making, inspired by the beautiful shifting shapes of the sand and sea on the beach. With each tide the sea sculpts the beach into its own unique patterns only to be washed away just a matter of hours later. Sometimes these patterns are subtle and delicate, sometimes they gouge great rifts in the sand which then create their own oceanic worlds.

I try and walk on the beach at least twice a week, it’s only 10 minutes down the hill and every visit the beach looks different sculpted by the tides and the weather. This is the magic of the sea and it’s wonderful powers. I take so many photos each time I go as there is inspiration everywhere. I’ve even started making photo books of just sand photographs so I can keep them all in one place. Beach combing has almost become meditative for me, an hour of walking, breathing and focussing on the shore does wonders to clear the mind.

Blue Oval Sea Ripple Textured Resin Pendant Kate Wimbush Jewellery

This collection has been a joy to develop, I have experimented with textures and resin to bring you beautiful, organic pieces incorporating my signature resin colours. Along with a small core number of pieces including earrings and pendants, this collection will grow over time with one off pieces I am really looking forward to creating. 

The Ripple collection comes in two finishes, high shine textured silver echoing the sunlight reflecting off the sand, and a rich ocean blue resin overlaying ripple patterns like you would see on a summers day as the tide slowly covers the beach. I have thought of oxidising some pieces to really bring out the texture, what do you think?

Silver Round Ripple texture studs and pendant set Kate Wimbush Jewellery

The nature of this collection has led me to steer away from my usual illustrative shapes and embrace more rounded and organic forms. The way these pieces are made means each one will be entirely unique, just like the sand patterns they are inspired by.

I can see over time different shapes emerging, yellow and rose gold pieces which would glow like the warm summer sands and possibly the addition of some tiny gemstones to sparkle like the sun glittering on the sea.

Small 9ct Gold Ripple Pendant on chain with sea in the background by Kate Wimbush Jewellery
As always, I would love to hear what you think, or if you have any exciting ideas I can explore then get in touch!

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