About Kate


Kate Wimbush Jewellery workshop bench

Hello! I'm Kate and I live and work in the sunny seaside town of Scarborough on the North Yorkshire coast!

I grew up in the Midlands and after spending a great deal of time in big cities, we finally found our happy place here by the sea! The North Yorkshire coast is a magical place to live and the ever changing coast constantly fills my head with new ideas. I spend every moment I can walking on the beach looking for new treasures hiding on the shore, something I grew up doing on family holidays with my Mum and am now teaching my two girls!

Making things and being creative has always come naturally but I did want to be a Meteorologist when I was at school. My fascination with the British weather, the feelings it can evoke and the science behind it started early on, but after failing miserably at A-level maths and science I knew it might not be for me! Instead, my love of the weather, the coast and the two combined, now forms the background to all my work.

All of my jewellery is hand made by me in my workshop by the sea. I enjoy making colourful and figurative pieces which usually start out as drawings (either on paper or in my head!) inspired by the the sea and the sky, which I then translate into silver using a variety of techniques. I add bright colours to my work using a resin as form of cold enamel, mainly using transparent colours to capture light into the jewellery and highlight any textures within the metal.

As well as my current collections, I love the challenge of creating something completely unique and I have done a number of commissions exploring various themes and colours.

Aside from jewellery making, I am a very enthusiastic cloud spotter and photographer. You can follow my weather watching on Instagram along with behind the scenes in my workshop and at the seaside!

Thank you for taking the time to visit Kate Wimbush Jewellery and please do not hesitate to get in touch!