Kate Wimbush creates figurative jewellery from silver and gold, accented with colourful resin. Kate graduated in 2005 with a degree in Design: Craft and is now based in Cheshire where she uses traditional handcraft techniques combined with computer technology to construct her jewellery. Kate’s work is inspired by her life and memories.

Kate’s creations continue to reflect her love of all things miniature, the exactness and precision required providing Kate with the stimulating challenge she enjoys. Her inspiration is found in many things, but especially through her life long love of ‘The Great British Seaside’, weather and nature. Her Birdies collection is the result of being introduced to the birding world at a very early age by her father, a keen ornithologist!

All of Kate’s work begins as a hand drawn design which is then developed using digital processes and made ready for etching. She then constructs each piece by hand and uses resin to add the vibrant colours to her finished pieces. She enjoys creating custom one off pieces for customers where the design and construction of each piece gives new challenges and inspiration.

In 2015 Kate is expanding her use of colour to include semi precious gemstones.

Kate’s jewellery aims to bring sparkle, colour and joy to everyday life and a smile to your face!

Kate’s latest work