Inspired by the sea, the sand and the sky!
Inspired by the sea, the sand and the sky!
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The Magic Flute

commission miniature musical instrument silver unique

After the success of the miniature guitar last year, Kate was asked to make a flute necklace as a special gift for a young lady who plays. Kate used to play the flute in her teens so it was a lovely opportunity to make something she was very familiar with. The idea of miniaturising something quite finely detailed was also an exciting challenge! Kate initially started by looking at how to make the detailed part of the keys which would be mounted on to the flute body. Despite the size, she wanted to replicate the exact number of keys as close as possible. The keys were then attached onto the flute body and a hole drilled through for the mouth piece. As much as she would have liked, Kate couldn't quite make this into a real working flute!! The necklace was then attached to either end so the flute would be worn horizontally as if the wearer was playing it. The flute itself was then oxidised and brushed back to give definition and detail to the keys and then given a shiny polished finish. The finished flute only measures 2 in across! Packaged up and ready to go! If you would like Kate to make you a unique piece for a special occasion please contact her and she would love to discuss your ideas.

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