Inspired by the sea, the sand and the sky!
Inspired by the sea, the sand and the sky!
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KWJ's April Antics

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April has been one busy month, full of both work and play. We started off with Easter weekend, this was great fun as it is the first year that the small one has actually understood what was going on (well, at least the bunny and eggs bit!). So we had our first Easter egg hunt and I'm not sure who had the most fun - me putting it all together or her looking for them all! This year BCTF also fell during the Easter holidays so although I was busy getting ready for the vent we still managed to squeeze in...

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March Meet The Maker

Katy Armstrong BCTF etsy etsyUK gdpr inspiration marchmeetthemaker North Yorkshire Raindrops scarborough seaside jewellery totally locally trade show weather jewellery wedding fair wedding jewellery yorkshire in business

What a busy time we have had here at KWJ! This month I decided to take part in Joanne Hawkers #MarchMeetTheMaker challenge over on Instagram. Previously I have not been entirely successful with keeping up to date with social media challenges but despite an epic iPhone failure leaving me incommunicado for a good few days, and a bout of the sickness bug kindly donated by the small one, I have managed (so far) with the majority of the posts - just a few to catch up on this week. If you would like to see my #MarchMeetTheMaker contributions, pop over...

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February Fun

Katy Armstrong BCTF earrings etsy networking Raindrops scarborough seaside jewellery small business thundersnow tideline totally locally weather jewellery wedding fair workshop yorkshire in business

Where has February gone? You get lulled into the quiet relaxed pace of January then before you know it you've lost half a month!! Social Scarborough February has been a surprisingly busy few weeks, both at home and KWJ. At the beginning of the month we had our first Totally Locally Scarborough meet up at Clark's. It was a great opportunity to meet up with other local businesses and of course the coffee and cake were delicious! Hopefully this will now become a regular monthly meet up where we can explore any issues and opportunities there are for small businesses...

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Hello 2018 from KWJ!

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This my first blog for 2018 and I'm afraid to say, nearly 3 years on here!! We have an awful lot to catch up on!  Along with all of the other unrealistic resolutions that we make in the New Year, one of my more positive ones  has been to keep you updated on what is happening at Kate Wimbush Jewellery on a monthly basis.  That way I can share what I'm working on with you, events I'm going to and where you can find me or my jewellery across the UK. Now as we seem to have almost three years...

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