Inspired by the sea, the sand and the sky!
Inspired by the sea, the sand and the sky!
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Mayday, Mayday!!

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Another month has flown by here in sunny Scarbados (no really, it has been very sunny!!) and I naively thought I would get so much done!! Google Digital Garage We hit the ground running at the start of May with a day at Coventry University (in Scarborough - yes, I know its a bit confusing!!) attending the Google Digital Garage Training session organised by Yorkshire in Business. It was delivered by the extremely helpful and knowledgable Becky, who talked us through series of presentations on how to make the most out of Google, social media and our own websites. I came away with copious notes and very enthused with all the new things I needed to do (or add to my to do list and try them later) and it was a thoroughly enjoyable and extremely helpful session! I was made acutely aware of my age however as after I'd been franticly taking down the notes, Becky casually said at the end 'oh just take a photo of the slide and it has the links to the presentations on'. How time have changed since I was at uni, no smart phones to record/photograph slides, and certainly slides were not linked to the internet...sometimes not even a computer....but I know for next time - camera at the ready! They also have an extensive online training catalogue which is all FREE and anyone can access - did I mention it was FREE?? One of the key areas that Becky covered was how Google Analytics helps with audience, website reach, and social media performance. It is something I have dabbled in previously but now its an essential tool  I will focus on over the coming months as I update my own website so I can have all of the relevant and exciting content that you, my lovely customers, would like to see!! Life Admin One of the wonderful things about living up here is that our local dentist is at Robin Hoods Bay, an absolutely gorgeous spot between Scarborough and Whitby. It is a  tradition fishing village built on a VERY steep sided valley and the beach is an absolute hot bed for fossil hunting, literally you can see them in the bedrock when the tide has gone out! So what for some might be a tedious family trip to the dentist, is actually and exciting afternoon out for us, with tea and biscuits on the beach!! Bank Holiday Bicycles and Beaches We then had the joys of the first bank holiday weekend, and Scarborough really does spring into life!! It started off with the amazing Tour de Yorkshire finishing their heat in Scarborough which was an amazing sight to watch. They all zoomed past the end of our road (click link below for video!!) then we went up onto the cliff top to watch them finish on sunny North Bay! It was a wonderful carnival atmosphere and there was even a free funfair which the small one enjoyed immensely!

Tour de Yorkshire

We avoided the beaches on BH Monday and was very glad to have done so as on the Wednesday after I went on my usual morning beachcomb and managed to fill three poo bags (that was all I had in my pocket - and no dog either!!) with rubbish that had not been cleaned up or taken home, and there was plenty more I could have collected! I've been inspired by the 2minutebeachclean and now try and do a litter pick overtime I'm on the beach. Please take a look at the fantastic work they do and support them where you can! Scarborough council do work hard to keep the beaches clean, but it is so disappointing to see how little respect some beach goers have for the beautiful places they are visiting (*rant over*).  After the BH it was back to the grindstone and getting on top of the gallery top ups and summer exhibitions I have coming up. I remembered why jewellers never have manicures and decided I need to invest in some heavy duty hand wash!! I've been permanently grey after the amount of buffing and polishing I have been doing!! My events page will be updated shortly with new venues and events, so keep you eyes peeled for one near you!! Glad Rags on Then was time for THE wedding of the year!! No, I didn't get an invite to Harry and Meg's do, but we did travel down to Birmingham for the wedding of one of my beautiful school friends! Now that we are all flung so far and wide across the country, it was a wonderful weekend to catch up with best friends and have some quality time with Mr KWJ. The wedding was that extra bit special for me as this was the first time I had actually  watched a ceremony knowing they were exchanging rings which I had made and seeing how much they meant to the happy couple. ETSY NYCM Coming towards the end of the month and it was now time for our monthly Etsy North Yorkshire Coast and Moors Team meet up, it was great to see some new and familiar faces. We had some useful discussions about key words, tags and SEO. We also discussed the possibility of holding some small events to coincide with Christmas in July and Etsy Made Local. Why not check out our Facebook page to see some of our Team members fantastic creations and keep up to date with any events we may have coming up! GDP-aaarRRRRRRRRRRGGggghhhhhh!! Also looming at the end of this month was the dreaded GDPR deadline! You will be pleased to know that I have a fully updated Privacy Policy on my FAQ page and (hopefully!) are all GDPR'd up! There has been an awful lot of confusion for small businesses about what is required (they don't make the legal jargon too easy for us mere mortals!) and the final week the world was bombarded by 'opt in' emails. For those of you who receive my current newsletter I can reassure you that my mailing list has been gathered through direct contact with you - either through my website, my newsletter subscription direct or at design events. When you subscribe to my mailing list, I receive information on your name and email address which is held on my mailing list. I will continue to ensure that your contact data is safe and I never share any of your contact information with third parties.  If you would like to sign up then please pop your name in at the bottom of this page and you will get sent my story updates and very occasional newsletters - there will always be an option to unsubscribe! MAYDAY, MAYDAY! On a lighter note, throughout the whole of May I have been trying to raise some pennies in support of the RNLI as part of their Mayday campaign by donating ALL of the sales of my sail boat studs sold during this month. Fortunately I have sold a few pairs, which means I will be making a donation to the RNLI via Just Giving over the next week. I will let you know the outcome in next months instalment! If you miss out on this fab fundraising event, then don't worry, any future sales of my sail boat earrings, necklace and brand new cufflinks with have percentage donated to the RNLI.  Now to round the month off we end it with the half term holidays, so please excuse me for the week whilst I entertain the small one!!  Thank you for reading and I will see you next time!  K xxx

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