Inspired by the sea, the sand and the sky!
Inspired by the sea, the sand and the sky!
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July Scarborough Seafest Special

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We've had lots of exciting events during July, a birthday, an anniversary, summer holidays and more! And to top it off the weather here in North Yorkshire has been glorious, talk about summer sunshine!!

Seafest 2018

Straight down to business, this month has been a busy one! Birthdays and anniversaries aside, the main event for me this month was Seafest on 21st and 22nd of July, down on West Pier, South Bay, Scarborough.  This year marked the 20th Maritime Heritage Festival which hosted a wide variety of events, food demonstrations, naval boats, live music, beer festival and more, and it also coincided with RNLI Scarborough Flag Day. All of which amounted to an extremely busy weekend down on South Bay.

The most exciting event for me during Seafest was the Lighthouse Tour! Watching over the coming and goings of the busy fishing harbour, with its colourful collection of boats; the lighthouse has been a guiding light to sea farers for over two centuries. The building was destroyed by a shell from a German warship during WWI and then rebuilt and transformed to its former glory. As the lighthouse is looked after by Scarborough Yacht Club, it is not often open to the public but for this weekend they were offering guided tours. I booked myself on a tour  early Saturday morning before it got too busy and enjoyed a wonderful adventure up the 42 spiral stairs to top of the 15m high lighthouse!! Now, I'm not at all good with heights, however this was just high enough for me to handle without getting wobbly knees.  The view from the top was glorious, even on an over cast day and I finally got to see where the fog horn was! I can hear it from our house on foggy days (and nights!) when the fret comes in but never knew where it came from. Interestingly the lighthouse and the fog horn only sound in bad weather to let vessels know when it is safe to come into the harbour (when there is 12 foot of water or more) rather than a warning! 

Now onto the event itself! Saturday was a touch over cast but still gloriously warm so there were plenty of visitors to the festival. The variety of people who came down was fantastic, families, locals, holiday makers and even a whole coach load of Steampunk enthusiasts in full costume!! Most impressive to watch them wander round in their fabulous   and rather fantastical outfits! It was a very busy day and I was very glad to have my wonderful Mum helping me out. We were also next to Dippy Designs who we met at last years event so great to see how their products had developed and find out about what craft events they were planning next. You can see a full list of Dippy's events in North Yorkshire here. At 6pm we all abandoned ship after an extremely busy day and headed home for some well deserved rest. I didn't even make it back out to see the fireworks at 9.30 but was told they were brilliant! Sunday started sunny and sparkly, with the sea like a millpond which continued for the rest of the day. It was a touch quieter as everyone was making the most of the sunshine and sandy beach, but after another enjoyable day with plenty of ice creams and a visit from the small one (who HAD to have her face painted!) it was a very successful weekend!


Each time I get ready for an event whether it a public or trade event, I tend to get a little worried that I have forgotten something crucial. This year I managed to pack up my whole stand into just my 4 crates and it seemed remarkably easy, a little too easy for my liking. Then afterwards I realised that it is just down to practice. I have now been doing shows like this for 8 years and throughout that time I've had various set ups, some more successful than others, and I have learned what works for me and what doesn't. I've still not discovered the magic formula for the 'perfect stand' as each venue is different, my work develops and sometimes you just get border of the same thing, however I have now streamlined a lot of what I do or don't need. Over the next couple of months I'm going to pop my thoughts down and write a blog about preparing for a craft show to help others just starting out or if you've not done a show for a while, it might have some handy tips. It certainly won't be a definitive guide but hopefully useful! I'll link this post back once its live if you fancy a read!

Any other business....

At the end of June Etsy North Yorkshire Coast and Moors were confirmed as  official hosts of the first Scarborough Etsy Made Local event in 2018!! We have been beavering away with our preparations so I started off by taking a trip over to York to meet with the York Etsy Team Captain, Caroline to get an insight into what goes on behind the scenes when organising an Etsy Made Local event. She was extremely helpful and gave us lots of ideas a pointers for running our event. We have found a wonderful venue for our  EML Christmas Artisan Fair at the Royal Hotel in Scarborough. We will be in the Lounge on Saturday 1st December offering a wide range of beautiful locally made crafts just in time to start your Christmas shopping!! You can find more details and be kept up to date on our Facebook page! 

If you are an Etsy seller in the North Yorkshire Coast and Moors area (including the East Ridings) and you would like to take part in the event, you still have time to apply here. The deadline has been extended to Sunday 5th August as we have noticed some of you are away on your holidays!!

At the start of July Etsy NYCM also took part in the Etsy Christmas in July event via our Facebook page. Over the first 10 days of July we shared with you a number of products from our team members which would make wonderful Christmas gifts. The products ranged from jewellery to glassware and decorations. You may think we're a little crazy thinking of Christmas in the summer months but this is when a lot of makers start preparing for Christmas with new designs, building up stock and making lots of festive plans for fairs and events. Some of you may even start your Christmas shopping now to avoid the shopping madness that comes with the autumn/winter months so please have a browse of some of our team members shops here.

Family Fun

And of course, we couldn't end the month without a round up of family fun! The summer holidays will dominate the majority of my August plans, but I'll still be beavering away in the background ready to hit the ground running in September. 

Thanks for reading and see you again soon!

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