Inspired by the sea, the sand and the sky!
Inspired by the sea, the sand and the sky!
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Jolly June....

Hello there!

June didn't quite start off as we had hoped! After a couple of enjoyable days in half term the small one came down with the dreaded Chicken Pox!! I am thankful that we have not got them out of the way but that meant we were house bound for the rest of the week, missing days out, a birthday party and going back to nursery.  Once the worst of it was over we headed out to South Bay to take part in a beach clean!


I've previously talked about the rubbish which gets left on Scarborough beaches so this month we decided to take part in an organised clean up by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. Between us all (small one included) we managed to shift 16lb of rubbish off South Bay beach in just under two hours. The beach was relatively 'clean' in comparison to previous days before we started but it was amazing how much was there once we started looking. Yorkshire Wildlife Trust then take the rubbish to be analysed and try to determine what the waste is and where it is coming from in an effort to help protect the local coastline and its wildlife. Afterwards we were invited to the Seastrand cafe (my new favourite) for an awesome hot chocolate! South Bay Beach Clean


The day after was gloriously sunny so we went down to Peasholm Park (our local) to listen to the Scarborough Concert Band. The played a wonderful selection of music out in the bandstand on the lake and the sunshine and ice creams were enjoyed by all. It was fun watching them all hop on and off the Swan Boat across the lake to get to their seats! My main reason for highlighting this event is that at the end of the concert the conductor asked everyone to stand as they played the National Anthem. Literally the whole park stood up and listened as they played and applauded afterwards. I found it very moving to see the pride and respect which still stays strong in Yorkshire. 

WEDDING RINGS My next challenge this month was from a lovely local couple who are getting married in August. After a seaside consultation (literally, the waves were crashing over the wall!) I will be making a wedding ring for the groom and a new engagement ring for the bride who has found the most unusual vintage white gold wedding ring. It is made up of a series of figures of 8 and she would like a new ring which will fit nicely along side it. We are looking at white gold an amethysts - what a lovely shopping list! I'm in the process of sketching some designs for her to look at and ring making for the groom is now underway!


In June Etsy turned 13! They held a week long sale to celebrate and the Etsy NYCM team decided we'd try a Pop Up shop to coincide. Team member Lindsay from Gekoglass was able to secure us a fantastic unit for the week in the Scarborough Market. A small number of team members rustled up some stock and we had our first Pop Up Event. You can read all about it here......

Following the Pop Up Shop, we had the fantastic news that Etsy NYCM have been confirmed as an official host for and Etsy Made Local event at Christmas  Etsy Made Local is a national, seller-led initiative celebrating the makers, collectors and artisans in local communities across the UK. From St Ives to Aberdeen, towns and cities, including Scarborough, will be participating in this weekend event connecting Christmas shoppers with local Etsy sellers. Etsy Made Local markets hosted by teams of Etsy sellers will pop up across the country on 30 November - 2 December 2018. Artisans selling on Etsy can sell their handmade wares and vintage goods to local customers; each of which will represent the spirit of the local community.  We are currently in the planning process for the event and will be posting details on the Etsy NYCM Facebook and Instagram soon! 


Now most people don't start thinking about Christmas until at least September, however for jewellers (and many other makers!) it begins now! We have to get all of our exciting ideas made, tested, photographed and ready to go for when you start doing your Christmas shopping. I have a couple of cheeky festive pieces I'm making a start on, but I'm also planning on giving my online shops a bit more sparkle this year so I have been in touch with local photographer Richard, from Forever Creative Photography, to see what we can do. I'm already thinking about baubles, snowflakes and fairly lights to give that extra Christmassy feel! As well as festive photos, Richard will be doing some pictures of my new Lagoon and Raindrops collections so they will be available online soon! Jewellers have to wear many hats and photography is one of them, although I have to admit it is one of my least favourites, so it is fantastic to have a local expert on hand to help when my dark blurry shots just don't cut the mustard!! 


Finally after all that I have managed to spend the last week or so of this month back at my bench. I have been making some new masters for casting for some of my Lagoon, Seaside and Raindrop collections. Once I am happy with a design and the process I use in which to create it, I then make a master model which is then cast so I can make duplicates of more intricate pieces that would take much longer to make every time from scratch. I get my pieces back as unfinished castings which then  allows me to hand make, texture and finish each piece, making each one unique. 

As well as models, I have been working on building up my stock ready for Seafest next month! On 21st and 22nd July you can find me down on West Pier on South Bay, Scarborough taking part in the 20th  Seafest Maritime Festival, celebrating the Yorkshire coasts amazing heritage. They even open the lighthouse for tours so need to book my place now!! Last year it was a fantastic event, full of exciting activities, sand art, yummy food and of course, great crafts! It also coincides with RNLI Scarborough's Annual Flag and Open day so I will once again be donating any sales of sail boat studs during that weekend to the RNLI. I'm really looking forward to this event and its just before my birthday too!!   

You can keep up to date with my model making, Christmas planning and Seafesting preparations over on my Facebook and Instagram pages. I promise I will try harder with Twitter soon..... Don't forget to check out how the pop up shop went here....Thanks for reading! SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

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