Inspired by the sea, the sand and the sky!
Inspired by the sea, the sand and the sky!
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Hello 2018 from KWJ!

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This my first blog for 2018 and I'm afraid to say, nearly 3 years on here!! We have an awful lot to catch up on!  Along with all of the other unrealistic resolutions that we make in the New Year, one of my more positive ones  has been to keep you updated on what is happening at Kate Wimbush Jewellery on a monthly basis.  That way I can share what I'm working on with you, events I'm going to and where you can find me or my jewellery across the UK. Now as we seem to have almost three years to catch up on, I'll try and keep it brief! The Big Move In 2016 we decided as a family that we would like Evie to grow up by the seaside (one of my childhood dreams!) and with a husband whose job allows him to move around the country we started looking for possible locations. We finally settled on Scarborough in North Yorkshire and in February 2017 we finally moved to the coast! It is a dream come true having all these wonderful places which we have visited as tourists on our doorstep. We are a stones throw from Whitby, Robin Hoods Bay and the North Yorkshire Moors. and we can actually see the sea from our front window! But it has come with its challenges,. Moving to an area where you don't know anyone and have very little business contacts has been difficult but 12 months in I am seeing a hidden creative community emerging and I am becoming involved in a number of small business groups. You can also find my jewellery at the wonderful Mackay and Pearson in Scarborough.  Inspiration Living in such a beautiful corner of the world has allowed me to get out my camera and start exploring locally. Surprisingly, we get a lot of sunshine up here in the North and there are lots of opportunities for sunrise/sunset walks and beach exploring - even in the winter! I had my first experience of snow at the seaside just before Christmas and it was magical!! I have SO many ideas for new work floating my head and I cant wait to share them all with you! Whats happening in 2018? This year has mainly started off with colds and flu in various guises, I think we are now on round 4 with all of us dosed up on paracetamol and cough sweets!However, tucked up warm by the fire I am planning various show applications and have already signed up for Seafest 2018 that I did last year, which was a very enjoyable and successful event.  I am also considering trying my hand at a couple of local wedding fairs as my seashell jewellery is proving popular as bridal and bridesmaid gifts. I will keep you posted of any dates I have coming up. The next big event for 2018 will be the British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate. I will be on stand 110 from 8th - 10th April so please come along and say hello! I am giving my stand a bit of make over this year and will hopefully have a few new gems to show you. I do have some other grand ideas about developing some work away from jewellery specifically but whether that is one for this year - we will have to wait and see!    In the meantime.... You can keep up to date with my weekly goings on via social media. You can find me on Instagram and Facebook where I tend to share what I am working on, where I have been and any other little nuggets of Wimbush wisdom I have (usually about weather). Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon!!

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