Inspired by the sea, the sand and the sky!
Inspired by the sea, the sand and the sky!
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July Scarborough Seafest Special

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We've had lots of exciting events during July, a birthday, an anniversary, summer holidays and more! And to top it off the weather here in North Yorkshire has been glorious, talk about summer sunshine!! Seafest 2018 Straight down to business, this month has been a busy one! Birthdays and anniversaries aside, the main event for me this month was Seafest on 21st and 22nd of July, down on West Pier, South Bay, Scarborough.  This year marked the 20th Maritime Heritage Festival which hosted a wide variety of events, food demonstrations, naval boats, live music, beer festival and more, and it...

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Jolly June....

Katy Armstrong

Hello there! June didn't quite start off as we had hoped! After a couple of enjoyable days in half term the small one came down with the dreaded Chicken Pox!! I am thankful that we have not got them out of the way but that meant we were house bound for the rest of the week, missing days out, a birthday party and going back to nursery.  Once the worst of it was over we headed out to South Bay to take part in a beach clean! BEACH CLEAN I've previously talked about the rubbish which gets left on Scarborough...

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Etsy NYCM Pop Up Shop

Katy Armstrong Etsy Thirteen glass beach huts Market Hall Octopus Artwork Stag Print Steampunk Wedding Upcycled Stool

In June Etsy celebrated its 13th Birthday and held a sale from 18th - 22nd to celebrate!  At rather short notice, the Etsy North Yorkshire Coast and Moors team decided to do a small pop up event to coincide with the celebrations as a way to promote the group and introduce ourselves to the local community. Etsy North Yorkshire Coast and Moors We are  brand spanking new Etsy Team who came into existence following local networking meetings at Yorkshire in Business. A few people had expressed an interest to sell online through Etsy so Jenn from Yorkshire in Business organised...

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Mayday, Mayday!!

Katy Armstrong 2minutebeachclean etsy ETSY NYCM fundraiser Google Analytics Google Digital Garage mayday RNLI Robin Hoods Bay scarborough Tour de Yorkshire wedding wedding rings

Another month has flown by here in sunny Scarbados (no really, it has been very sunny!!) and I naively thought I would get so much done!! Google Digital Garage We hit the ground running at the start of May with a day at Coventry University (in Scarborough - yes, I know its a bit confusing!!) attending the Google Digital Garage Training session organised by Yorkshire in Business. It was delivered by the extremely helpful and knowledgable Becky, who talked us through series of presentations on how to make the most out of Google, social media and our own websites. I...

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KWJ's April Antics

Katy Armstrong BCTF eCommerce etsy fundraiser Google harrogate jewellery lifeboats mayday maydayeveryday networking North Yorkshire NYCM photography resin RNLI royal wedding scarborough totally locally trade fair trade show website wedding wedding fair wedding rings workshops yorkshire in business

April has been one busy month, full of both work and play. We started off with Easter weekend, this was great fun as it is the first year that the small one has actually understood what was going on (well, at least the bunny and eggs bit!). So we had our first Easter egg hunt and I'm not sure who had the most fun - me putting it all together or her looking for them all! This year BCTF also fell during the Easter holidays so although I was busy getting ready for the vent we still managed to squeeze in...

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