Inspired by the sea, the sand and the sky!
Inspired by the sea, the sand and the sky!
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Stone Setting

jewellery setting stones tools

In July I spent a week at Birmingham School of Jewellery on a stone setting course, run by the very talented (and patient!) Nigel Yates. We started off by preparing some of the tools we needed....

GraversGravers and Buff sticks 

  Then we moved onto practicing with the gravers to master some of the skills we would need for setting, such as graining and engraving.

Gravers and CopperCopper on shellac

After many attempts (a lot of which failed!) we moved onto setting CZ in the silver castings provided. We began with three claw settings of various shapes and sizes.

Square Claw Claw Setting Square Claw Small Round Claw Large Round Claw Large Round Claw \

We then moved onto a variety of settings, including rub over, channel, cluster and combination. Thankfully this is where I found my comfort zone!! I had a fabulous week on this course and would thoroughly recommend it to any jewellers wanting to take on the challenge of setting stones themselves!! A new range of work incorporating precious stones is on its way very soon, but in the meantime if you would like to commission a special piece please get in touch!!

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