Inspired by the sea, the sand and the sky!
Inspired by the sea, the sand and the sky!
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International Jewellery London 2014

IJL jewellery Kate Wimbush London MJN Olympia

This year I exhibited at IJL 2014 with four other wonderful jewellers, Gemma Scully, Charlotte Verity and Karin Sheldon,  alongside a 'showcase' of 12 other makers under Manchester Jewellers Network. This year IJL moved from Earls Court to Olympia which is a beautiful building giving an ideal setting for the show! We were in the Design Gallery which gave us excellent views of the architecture and the show itself. Below are some pictures of our stand taking shape and the beautiful building.

his year we were well prepared and traveled down to London on the Thursday in order to set up over Friday and Saturday before the show opened on Sunday 31st August. We got to see some fabulous jewellery and meet some lovely new stockists which we look forward to working with in the future![

During the show there were a number of seminars running covering a range of subjects across the jewellery industry. I attended on looking at the benefits of social media and also one run by Gem-A called Fifty Shades of Colour, which explored pleochroism in gemstones. this is when a stone can appear to be different colours when viewed at different angles, particularly in polarised light. here you can see some pictures I took during the class. They show the different stones we looked at and examples of pleochroism in a sapphire bead and a ruby cabochon.

The show finished on Tuesday 2nd September and we made our weary way back up North with extra long 'to do' lists and exciting plans for Christmas!! 

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